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Specialist medical equipment designed to manage the 24 hour postural needs of our clients

Our mission at Levitex PostureCare is to promote 24 hour postural support to be the no 1 intervention in healthcare and to provide the products in order to achieve it.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in 24 hour Postural care and have designed class-one medical devices to manage the posture for clients suffering with complex neurological illness and Injury. Working with NHS trusts and social care throughout the UK and our sleep systems have reached clients as far as Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Developing posture solutions for bedbound, immobile patient groups including: MS Cerebal Palsy Catastrophic Brain Injury Stroke Chronic Pain • Covid19

Simple solutions for complex problems

Our sleep systems

Postural care is a way of preserving and re-establishing body shape for people with movement difficulties. The principles of posture care are about ensuring that everybody with movement difficulties has their body shape protected over a 24-hour period, in all settings, to maintain or regain good body shape and reduce the risk of further deterioration and secondary complications”

Royal College of General Practitioners

Postural intervention provides:

External postural control and support
Better posture & maintains muscle length

Improvements to digestion and breathing

A reduction in tone/tension within the muscles
Helps reduce pressure sores
Less staff input

 Over time, prevention of musculo-skeletal deformities & deterioration

A reduction in the likelihood of invasive & expensive intervention

CCGs should consider investing in postural care interventions to improve quality of life and save money.

Royal College of General Practitioners

Failure to protect a patient’s body position can have the following consequences:

Contractures Premature death Pressure on internal organs Scoliosis Difficulty eating and breathing Spacity Pressure Injuries

‘’Changes in body shape, particularly chest distortion, result in a poor quality of life, including problems with breathing and eating, and can lead to premature death. Body distortion is also costly in terms of equipment and increasingly complicated medical intervention.’’ 

“CCGs should consider investing in postural care interventions to improve quality of life and save money.’

Royal College of General Practitioners