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The Hugga Sleep System was designed by two neuro-physiotherapists and created by our Sleep Posture Expert, James Leinhardt.

There was an unmet need in care homes, hospitals, and rehab units to manage the posture of those who are unable to manage their own. 

The aim of Hugga is to optimise the user’s lying position to preserve their body shape, the management of contractures or in some instances, reverse the impact of the lack of postural support.

Improved body weight distribution will reduce the prevalence of pressure injuries. 

Benefits of correct positioning may include: improved quality and volume of sleep, maintenance of body shape and form, reduction/prevention of pressure injuries and respiratory problems.

Comfort for the patient and ease of use for the carer are a given.

The Hugga Sleep System is available in three sizes depending on the patient’s age, height and weight.

Provide external postural control & support

Reduces the tone/tension within the muscles

Over time prevents musculo-skeletal deformities & deterioration

Creates better posture & maintains muscle length

Reduces the likelihood of invasive & expensive interventions

Can help reduce pressure sores

Can improve digestion & breathing

Less staff input

The system is a multi-use postural support cushion kit. It’s manufactured using a combination of:

  • Levitex® Foam top, a patented innovation in pressure relieving foam support surfaces, independently researched at University of Salford and UCLAN
  • high resistance foam base which is firm and stable

Hugga is encased in a 4-way stretch vapour-permeable cover which can be wiped clean. 

The use of Levitex® foam within the cushion makes Hugga the most comfortable sleep system available and increases the likelihood of the system being adopted by the patient and caregiver.

The dynamic system utilises multi-use cushions to externally support the user in either supine or lateral lying positions. Being able to access as many optimal lying positions as possible allows us to reduce areas of peak pressure, increase comfort and correct postural misalignments.

Levitex® foam optimises envelopment and immersion, providing proprioceptive feedback that can help with a reduction in tone and improved bed mobility. This creates a sense of safety, similar to the safe feeling of a nice big hug.

The system comes with a specialist fitted Velcro-compatible base sheet which fits to the mattress via a drawstring and toggle. It’s easy and quick to fit – the sheet allows the cushions to be fitted directly to the lying surface.

Can be purchased as the full Hugga Sleep System or as individual cushions

The full hugga sleep system includes the following components:

1 x Hugga U-Shaped Head Cushion, 2 x Hugga Thorax Support Pads (R&L Handed), 2 x Hugga Knee Blocker, 2 x Hugga Double Edged Wedge, 2 x Hugga U-Shaped Bridge, 2 x Hugga Strap (ARCH), 1 x Hugga Fitted bed Sheet

Thorax Support Cushions


Pelvic Pads

L-Shaped head cushion

Knee blockers

Double-edge wedges

U-shaped bridge

Abduction rolls

“As a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist who works with postural management equipment on a daily basis, I have found that the Hugga sleep-system provides an excellent cost-effective solution for clients with altered postures.  For me, the key features for an effective system is compliance and comfort for the client whilst optimising their postures, and acceptance and ease of application for the nursing team. The Hugga sleep-system achieves this at a very competitive price.”  
Simon Berrell MCSP. Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist