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Hugga Slide

Can you cope with Pressure injuries, Single handed care & Posture in one piece of equipment?

Developed in collaboration with Careability Healthcare & Parafricta low friction technology.

Posture Care has developed the “Hugga Slide” 4 way slide, in bed management system

Designed to help carers perform moving and handling tasks as well as postural
management in bed
The base sheet has a low friction panel which can cover the entire bed length
High friction side panels to prevent the user from sliding down the bed
Reposition the user in all directions
Top sheet is compatible with the Hugga sleep system for night time positioning in bed
Achieve midline without heavy lifting
Safer, easier turns from supine to side lying
Sheets can be washed up to 80 degrees for infection control

Contact us at or 0161 413 6932 for more information.

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